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Circa 16 Aka Harley

We have a fun Jr/Ch hunter available for lease currently showing at Galway. Tons of miles and wins in the hunters with all level riders. Brave, steady, very quiet and laid back. Measures a small. At 8 Harley still has all of his dapples and is guaranteed to get you noticed! Ideal in the 3’3 and under divisions. Places in the hack as well! Auto everything, big stride, has shown all over on both coasts including Tryon and Thermal to name a few. Priced to lease at $65k for the year. Can be tried in Temecula the next 2 weeks. USEF 5736211


Muchacho, 7 year old fantastic big equ and derby Prospect. Recently imported, show miles in the big rings in Europe so 3’6+ will come easy for this quiet and elegant gelding. 16’2 refined build. Very tolerant and kind, wants to work with his rider. Perfect for someone wanting the real deal for the big classes this year. Great investment opportunity. Show ready. Priced at $110k.

Beach Boy

Beach Boy, the cutest small hunter. Recently imported after a successful dressage career, BeachBoy is learning the ropes to become the perfect children’s hunter. For all the good riding kids looking to bring one up the levels without breaking the bank, here’s your opportunity. Will undeniably place in the hack and always jumps a 10. Scope for 3’+ Priced to sell at $65k.


Clarino, 10 year old gelding with all the class, scope and heart, 16’3 Already has done the national derbies and has all the scope for the international derbies (Show record to 1m40s in Europe). Handy and quiet, making him the perfect confidence builder. Will take a joke, and never looses his form. Can do both the hunters and the Equitation and will also thrive in the USET. His quiet disposition make him a good fit for riders that like that push ride. Priced to sell at $150k. USEF 5802784

Fruit Snack

FruitSnack you are adorable and ready for your new home! Large pony making her debut in the show ring next week at Temecula Valley National. 8 year old large Welsh/GRP mare. measured at 14’1. Big step, jumps anything from anywhere. Lead changes are auto on one one side, a little more shuffle on the other. Ridden by novice kid to learn how to post and coursing 2’3 with more advanced young rider. Beautiful manners, stands at the mounting block, goes on trails, non of the pony habits. Started late so would still benefit in being in a program. A perfect pony for someone looking for a rated pony to bring along. Priced to sell at


Coleman, 5 year old flashy gelding, measures a small at 16 hands, the brain to make the best partner in the children and jr hunters down the road. Making his show debut this month at TVHNS. The best lead changes you would want, they were there from day one! (The best feeling ever when we found that out!) Super cute over fences, brave and very kind and willing. Currently coursing 2’9, showing scope for at least the 3’3. His chrome and personality just make him what everyone is looking for to play in the hunter right now! Build a strong bond with an up and coming young horse to create a solid partnership for the


New for Lease! Meet Gibson and a fun and talented 5 year old gelding with a bright future ahead of him. Already cursing 3 with ease he is showing lots of talent to become a top equitation horse. But before he gets there, Gibson is going to need miles! after putting some thought into it, the owner has decided to give the opportunity to a young up and coming rider on a budget to lease him for the year for $25k in order for him to gte proper miles. That being said we will prioritize proper show barns with the right program to bring along a big equ horse. Gibson is also very tall, 17’2,


Your Ideal Partner for County Shows! Looking for the perfect companion to conquer the county shows? Meet Corado! This cute horse is ready to shine in all three rings, effortlessly tackling the 3′ and under divisions. Here’s why Corado should be your next equine partner: 🌟 Versatility: Equally adept in all three rings, Corado will shine in all 3 rings. 🌟 Skills: With impeccable lead changes, huge stride. 🌟 Charming Personality: Beyond his cuteness, Corado boasts a fun and amiable personality. 🌟 Show Record: Having showcased his talent as a younger horse in the hunter rings, Corado then proved himself as a great horse to enjoy at home and is now ready to go back

Coco de Mer

Introducing Coco de Mer: Your Perfect Partner for all 3 rings! Looking for a horse that’s not just a ride, but a companion on your equestrian journey? Look no further than Coco de Mer! This saintly 3-ring horse is a gem for riders of all levels, embodying bravery, comfort, and rhythm in every stride. Exceptional Qualities Fearless and Reliable: Coco is brave beyond measures, ready to tackle any challenge with you. Comfortable Ride: Experience the joy of riding on a horse that’s as comfortable as it is capable. No Surprises: Say goodbye to prepping for rides or worrying about hidden holes—Coco is consistent and reliable every time. Versatile Performer: Whether you’re aiming for the 1m20s


Look out because we have an international champion available in our sales barn that is simply the sweetest soul to bring a young rider up the levels! And when we say up we mean from the .80s to the 1m30s easily! 13 year old with show record in the 1.50s ready to teach the ropes for all level riders! Unstoppable, no holes, dude personality that just enjoys everything and anyone he gets to spend time on! 16’3, big build, available for trials at seaside until the end of the circuit! Priced lowest lowest 6 figures starting with a 1. Located by Temecula!

Cool Girl

Attention to all the parents and trainers looking to buy a jumper the smart way! Opportunities like Cool Girl are rare, a horse that can bring your kid from the .80s to the 1m35s is alost unseen especially as a 9 year old. No need to change and collect horses or the next 4 years, Cool Girl will most likely hold her value by the time your young one is ready for College. tons of miles with a young amateur rider and actual wins in the 1m35s and below. Scope is most likely even there for the 1m40s! Brave beyond measures, all the assets of a Great mare with the work ethics and the heart.


We have a winner! And he loves to show off with his blue ribbons! Mighty Mouse is simply an amazing partner to go conquer the 1.20+, he has proven himself not only in europe where he excelled in the 1m35s but also in Ca where so far he’s won 90% of his classes! very sweet disposition on the ground and under saddle. More of a push ride, making him reliable for teens who want to win without riding a crazy fire breezing dragon. 16’1 very round build, big step, auto changes. 9 years old, so the perfect investment horse to resell once your little one goes off to college! Priced at $90k, lease at $55k

Sold or Leased

Dinard Du Maillet

Leased | Attention to all of the trainers, parents, husbands, looking for the real deal jumper equitation horse for your loved one to win, look good, learn and have fun with! Dinard has proven himself all the way to the top bringing his rider in france to the European young rider championship, he has so many wins in the GP rings, making him famous all over the country. A true class act, smith, scopy, big stride, light in the bridle and so elegant. Get noticed everywhere you. Jumps the open water, will make a sensational USET horse. Perfect for someone wanting to compete in the 1ms to 1m25s and or the 3’6 equitation. 16’2, very


Sold | Indigo is the cutest most loving little amateur equ jumper. Big heart, a bubbly personality on the ground and under saddle. Very genuine horse that enjoys working, applies himself and is always game for learning new things. The kind of horse that always has a smile on his face. Show record up to 1m20 in Europe, the perfect 2’6-3’3 horse to have fun with. Indigo is ready to get started in America after spending this last year playing with his lease mom who enjoyed him at home. 16’2, big stride, not a push ride or one you have to hold back. He is soft, light and is right where you want him to


Sold | Fun safe and talented Big Equ gelding available in Temecula! 10 years old, 17 hands Dauval has a heart of gold, never spooks, never fussed and always jumps which ever the jumps look like! With a show record up to 130s in Europe he’ll make the big equ look easy! Best lead changes you can wish for Sweet on the ground and under saddle Zero Drama and doesn’t require an experienced rider! Priced at $135k would consider a short term lease to own. Located in Temecula CA

Fiorello Rouge

Sold | International Derby Prospect Just in this gentle and talented 8 year old derby prospect! With a show record up to 140s in Europe, biggie has all of the pieces to make his way up to the big hunter rings! Big strided, big hearted and very scopy! Safe enough for more timid riders as well as riders with big ambitions! Will also cross into the big Equ rings and USET thanks to his versatility! Push ride with carriage and a good balance, smooth mouth and gaits, good lead changes! Priced at $125k. Would consider a lease to right home! Located in Temecula for trials. USEF 5871563

The Duchess

Leased | Where are my fast and winning jumper kids looking to play the European way!! If you are looking for the real fun and want to ditch the hunters you need a Duchess in your life! Her kid literally wins it all when she remembers her course! She will smoke all of the horses with her catty moves and take your hand through the course so you don’t have to over think it! She’s a show pony, knows when that bell rings and the game is on! Just shy of 14’2, she has the stride to play in the horse rings and has shown up to 1m20s in america. At 13 years old she


Sold | A true black Beauty is available in Temecula for the hunter and Equitation Rings. Uncomplicated mare, as comfortable as it gets over fences. Added to this is her beautiful hack placing trot that will get you noticed everywhere you go! Miles in the national derbies, perfect 3-3’3 mare, 16’2 thick built. She does not care what the jump looks like, will jump liverpools, flower boxes and crazy looking fillers all day with no prep. Cosette has proven herself with all level riders and is ready for her next partner to get going in both the hunter and the equitation rings. Priced at $100k, at 14 years old this beautiful girl has any more


Sold | Who wants the full package horse to have the best time in the ring! 12 year old, been there done that, the fanciest looks with ALL the Chrome, and super rideable. Remember your course and he will do the rest. Perfect 1m-1m15 horse, will even be a match for novice riders. The definition of a children’s jumper. Will make a step up horse thanks to his height (16 hands), snaffle mouth, never pulls and never questions the jumps no matter how spooky they are. A no brainer for the trainers and parents, no prep required, and a fun partner for the ids to love on and learn with. USEF 5618222. Comes with a


Sold | Naomi PS Z in a few words is Class, scope and simplicity combined. At 11, Naomi has proven herself all over the world, competed in the 1m40s in Canada and Europe and the 1m10s+ in California with an Adult Amateur and a kid. Brave to the fence, amazing on the flat, auto lead changes, she is the real package for a rider to have fun in the children”s jumpers and the Low AAs. 16’3, beautifully put together, snaffle mouth, good balance. Does great in a normal program and doesn’t require much prep. Priced to sell at $75k. Would consider a lease in the right show barn. Currently located in Temecula. USEF: 5736754

Epic Air

Leased: Proven 1m45+ winning GP horse with miles all over California. Biggest Heart, never says no, always tries his best and loves his job. Perfect for a rider looking to do their first Grand Prix this summer. Will also suit a rider doing the 1m20s and wanting to start jumping big jumps. Priced to sell in the high $100s. 13 year old. 5462180

Tiger Lilly

Leased | Tiger Lilly is the ultimate kids/ amateur horse to point and shoot with. Zero funny business or fuss, the best brain you would want to on a jumper. Never second guesses the jumps regardless of what they look like, always takes you to the other side and just absolutely loves jumping! 16’2, motor with a snaffle mouth, the best lead changes you can think of, kick and pull ride for the less educated riders that just want to go, have fun and win! She will be the trainers favorite one on the barn thanks to her low maintenance and no prep required. If you remember your course, she most likely will get you


Sold | Vagadam has been our pride and joy this last year, giving us the pleasure of developing our very own top Hunter! With placings in ALL of his classes, wins in the national derbies, Junior hunters and Children hunters. he recently broke his 3’6 eligibility and has won the Performance 3’6 green Hunters with Skylar Wireman. At 7 this year he is the best asset to add to your string and make yourself noticed! Judges love him and he always catches the eye. He has proven to be consistent, forgiving and is just an easy one to have at the show. Scope for the international derbies, places in the top 3 in the hack


Sold | Very Rare Opportunity to own a horse that has brought his current owner from the 1m30s to her first world cup Qualifier! 14 year old with the biggest heart there is, reliable at any height and for any level rider. Show miles up to 1m60, wins in the 1m40+, brave and scopy as can be without being Technical. Forgiving, perfect for the riders that don’t always get it right but want to start playing in the bigger rings! On top of being ALL of that…. he can also play in the equitation ring and will jump water for someone to venture into the USET! Owner’s loss is your gain, it will be an

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