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Delight goes by his name he is simply delightful to ride and to be around. SO well mannered for a horse that has done so much, nothing ever bothers him on the ground or under saddle. He is really the horse you need for your little one to go from cross rails to .90s and will not let you down whatever the situation is. Brave, light, push ride when needed, puts on the turbo when it’s jump off time,… what you want every schoolmaster to be like. Lots of miles in both the jumper and the equitation rings, very cute and comfortable mover, doesn’t require prep. 16 hands, bold as can be, 16 this year

Contest Z

Brave, fun and flashy 1m20 jumper with lots of miles and a big heart! Imported as a 6 year old from France, Z took on to the American riding and proved himself to be quite a partner! Loves to jump and is always game. 16’2, 10 years old, perfect for a kid doing the 1m+ and wanting to go up the levels to the 1m20s. Show record up to 1m30s in USA. Very fun bubbly personality, light and fast on his feet, truly a fun partner for a competitive teen ager wanting a bold partner in crime. Priced to sell at $75k, located in Temecula.


Meet rockie, a kind soul with all the miles you’d want on a 14 year old. most of his record lays in the 3′ and he excels at it. 17’1, long bodied, very light and effortless to ride, Rockie has got to have the best lead changes you could wish for, just think lead change and it’s on! Will fit novice riders in a program tho we’d like to see him go to a home that has an ambitious Adult or teen who will make him shine one more year in the show ring. Will pin in the hack, handy enough to cross into the equitation rings and jumps a solid 10! Get yourself noticed


After a successful career in the 1n45s in Europe … this 14 year old gelding successfully started his show career in america going straight from the trailer to the Derby rings, Equ rings and of course the big jumpers both with a pro and an amateur. Colani is a bold fancy gelding with a form over fences to die for and lots of heart. Simple over all to handle, 16’2, thick built, auto changes, good uphill carriage. He fits most level riders, has some blood to be competitive in the jumpers if needed as well. Priced at $38k for a 6 months lease, located in Temecula. Call o text 9513884155 fro more details!


Hoover, proven 1m50+ Grand Prix champion. Tons of miles, has even competed in the 1m60 Million Dollar GP. A horse that only knows one thing: Jump to the other side, nothing is too much for him. Truly a competitor for an ambitious rider to conquer their first big rings and get a taste for the real deal. Still competing in the GPs, with some recent wins! Would consider a short term and long term lease to the right program, terms to be discussed. USEF 5356441


Meet one of the most beautiful horses we are proud to represent! Footloose is an elegant and refined as it gets when it comes to looks and technique. Despite a successful career in the jumper ring up to the 1.30s, Fred has all the assets to make a top equitation or USET horse. Between his big stride, his aptitude to go slow and pretty, he is guaranteed turn key Medal Horse to place in the big equitation rings. Auto everything, uphill, experienced, a great addition for someone looking for the real deal at an entry level price. Fred stands at 16.3 and is 13 years old. USEF #5638605. He’s located in Orange County and is

Sold or Leased


Sold | Damocles the most laid back drama free equitation horse with all the scope and heart to make it Maclay Finals. This horse truly has a heart of gold, has never said no in his life and will tolerate and try his best every single time. Show record in Europe in the 130s, scope for the international derbies, brave as can be, jumps open water, solid and stout to absorb any mistake. Everyone that gets to meet him falls in love, parents and trainers included. Good lead changes, big big stride, amazing and powerful gaits. 17 hands, big war horse type, will do best with a taller rider as he rides big, not for


Sold | Everyone knows Fiona, her nickname is “winner winner, chicken dinner”. This extraordinary mare is available for purchase. SHe is the absolute show horse with more wins we can count in the 130-135s. Big big heart, scope, polite speed, the perfect horse to bring a teen ager into the big rings in all safety. Learn how to ride proper and get a feel for the real deal. At 12 years old FIona has proven over and over she is the ultimate show horse. Zero mare drama, she is all business and will always follow through with her duty. 16’1, modern and uphill, she is what everyone is looking for right now. Priced to sell


Leased | Lamborghini has it all A presence that makes a statement A loving personality Tons of miles and wins Push ride yet not boring Lots of curb appeal At only 11, LT is ready for his next chapter after bringing his current mom to the 1m15s. The perfect horse to bring you from cross rails to 1ms. Auto lead changes, never pulls, take you just enough, adjustable stride and the most uphill and comfortable gates you can think of. Available for lease at $30k to approved home. Will consider a lease option to the right barn with a first right of refusal.


Sold | It is a pleasure to have Winnie among us in the sales barn. Consistent and straight forward, gives her riders a great feel on the flat and over fences. Comes out the same every single day, enjoys her work as much as the pampering. Truly an amateur’s dream to bond with and enjoy a fun and positive energy on a daily basis. Show record in all 3 rings with a predisposition for the equitation rings, scope for 1m10-3’6. Easy lead changes, great mouth, and no funny business. She is the definition of what everyone is looking for right now! 17 hands and only 7 years old, doesn’t ride like a huge horse. Soft


Sold | The new girl in town is on FIRE. If someone was to paint the perfect Modern horse, she would be it! Catty Brave Fast Refined With tons of blood and adjustability Careful as can be For someone looking for a real horse to turn into a Markel GP horse, this 7 year old is the one. She has proven to have tons of scope leaving feet of air between her and the fence, has all the ability to turn and burn, yes has the best snaffle mouth one would want. 16’2, Spectacular bloodlines (Cabachon and Balou du Rouet) she is a machine in the making! successfully did the 6 years old in Europe

Smooth Operator

Sold | We are so proud to call this smart and handsome young horse ours! After a successful career in france with his breeder winning the 3 year old stallion of the year, Smooth Operator made it across the pond as a gelding and is ready to get going as an american horse. Quiet, fun to be around, full of personality, always happy to see his people, he has the best abilities to make it as a fun hunter for someone wanting the full package WITHOUT spending 6 figures. Great lead changes, always jumps a 10 and will learn to become a decent mover! Great uphill balance, light gaits and comfortable. He totally has what


Sold | Cazino is a 10 year old Swedish Warmblood with a great career in the hunters, equitation and jumpers. Comfortable and solid at 3′ to 3’3. Very pleasant on the eye with a great disposition and elegant carriage. From the adult hunters, to the derbies, equitation medals and even the AA jumpers, he can do all three rings in a week. He stands at 16’3 with a refined build, lots of miles, with children and adult amateurs. He is priced to sell. Located in San Jacinto, CA

Don Diego

Sold | His brain equals his looks! Don’t let his age fool you he is THE SAFEST horse we have in the sales barn by far, from teaching w t c to taking you over your first cross rail, he will take care of you all the way to the 3’3′-3’6. His heart equals his quietness, push ride but has his own motor when jumping so you don’t always have to nag him but he won’t pull you, just exactly where you want him to be, zero prep required, trailer him to the local horse show, ride and go home or spend the week at the horse show riding him bareback around the show grounds


Sold | PSH is proud to present this international Grand Prix horse! google his name, it speaks for itself! Has competed in over 15 countries, has done the Young ider 1m45s in California and on the East Coast and collected some blues there as well. This being said, he is a real Ferrari so not one learning how to pilot! Will suit a program that has experience with this caliber horse as well as a young up coming talented rider who wants to win the 1m40-1m45s. He has TONS of blood and is a show machine. The definition of a modern Grand Prix Horse. Sensitive ride over all, he loves being in the show ring

Cheers Twin

Leased | Meet Cheers Twin! Cheers has a show record up to the 1.50s in Europe and 1.45s with a young rider in California. He is your solid partner to dabble into the big rings in confidence and safety. HE can pack a young kid in the 1.10s in the morning and your oldest in the 1.30s – 1.40s right after. Straight forward, not hot, doesn’t require a sophisticated ride, he is a true confidence builder with all of the scope to save you on your challenging distances. Cheers is 17’1, big stride, patient and experienced. A super combo to go up the levels. Trainers will love having this seasoned horse in their barn, no

Hands Up

Sold | Hand’s up is hand’s down a sensational Equ jumper! He’s a 10 year old 16.2, schooling 1.30 at home, show record in the 1.20s, all the assets to make a great USET horse or medal horse. He’s located in Orange County.

Champion for Volt

Sold | Champion for Volt is the perfect little jumper to bring a kid from the ponies. He’s a 16 year old 15’3 warmblood with tons miles and experience. He’s the ideal 1.0m+ horse. He has his own engine but not strong, bold and eager, perfect for a kid to turn and burn and win everything with. He has a snaffle mouth and great lead changes. He is available for lease to right home. He is located in Temecula Wine Country.

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