Have you always wanted to be part of the Glamorous industry of show jumping? Is owning a Grand Prix Horse a dream you always wish you could reach?

The Syndicate gives you the opportunity to access such an ownership without the time and financial restrictions that come with such a horse. Our rider, Lane Clarke, has proven many times to be one of the fastest show jumpers on the West Coast, combined with a top horse, the success is almost a guarantee!

The Shares

  • Access ownership by purchasing a tax deductible share of $20,000

  • Build your own share by teaming up with your own network of investors
  • Up to 4 shares available per person


  • Monthly Prize money
  • Stud fees (If a stallion)
  • Resale or lease value

The Perks

  • VIP access to all of the Grand Prixs
  • Weekly updates and follow up of your horse
  • Be part of the training and come witness the behind the scene journey

Join Us November 12

Join us on November 12th at the Hayden and Clarke barn at The Desert Horse Park to meet the team and enjoy some Wine and Bites.