Introducing Coco de Mer: Your Perfect Partner for all 3 rings!

Looking for a horse that’s not just a ride, but a companion on your equestrian journey? Look no further than Coco de Mer! This saintly 3-ring horse is a gem for riders of all levels, embodying bravery, comfort, and rhythm in every stride.

Exceptional Qualities

  • Fearless and Reliable: Coco is brave beyond measures, ready to tackle any challenge with you.
  • Comfortable Ride: Experience the joy of riding on a horse that’s as comfortable as it is capable.
  • No Surprises: Say goodbye to prepping for rides or worrying about hidden holes—Coco is consistent and reliable every time.
  • Versatile Performer: Whether you’re aiming for the 1m20s jumps, equitation, hunters, or smaller divisions, Coco is ready to excel.
  • Show Records: With an impressive show record up to 1m20s and expertise in equitation and hunters, Coco knows how to shine in the ring.
  • Tailored Performance: Choose your preferred level—Coco can conquer 3’3-3’6 jumps or gracefully guide you through the 2’3 divisions and small jumpers.

Physical Charisma

  • Age and Stature: At 11 years old and standing tall at 16’2, Coco combines maturity and strength for an ideal partnership.
  • Stunning Appearance: Prepare to turn heads with Coco’s harmonious body, expressive head, and thick neck—a sight to behold both in and out of the ring.
  • Vetted to Perfection: Rest easy knowing that Coco’s health is as impeccable as his performance.

Located inTemecula, Coco de Mer is waiting to be your next riding companion. Priced at $125k, Coco is an investment in your riding dreams, offering unmatched value for riders seeking excellence or leisure.

Don’t Miss Out!
Whether you’re aiming to dominate the show ring or simply enjoy leisurely rides, Coco de Mer is the horse you’ve been searching for. Contact us today to schedule and meet this sweet boy