The perfect definition of a three ring horse! Truly does it all and does it well!

Winning the 1m30s last week at Temecula Valley show, doing the hunter finals last year in Las Vegas, playing in the 140 grand prix,…. you name it, he does it. 11 year old Gelding with the picture perfect front end over any fence at any heights! 16’3, big heart and trained to perfection. Super manners and easy to handle everyday, he is the perfect addition to any program and doesn’t require any prep! Priced at $100k and available to be tried at Temecula Valley week II and III. Call or text 951 388 4155 for more details. 


New Equitation Super Star available for purchase! 16’3 with an ideal disposition for teen agers and kids to be in the blues!

With a show record to back him up, he is as simple and broke as it gets. A pace you can only dream of, he makes decisions towards the fence and won’t let anything spook him. He never pulls yet you can get handsy with him and he will not care, has impeccable lead changes, counter canters and you can move all of his body parts (Shoulder, Barrel and hips) with out needing a strong leg. He naturally wants to stay on the bit even if you don’t know to ask for it. USEF# 5570614. On the ground he is mister drama free, bathing, clipping, loading and hauling, is “whatever” for him. At 10 he has a great future ahead of him to make it to the top with an ambitious young rider.  Imported a few years ago by his current owner, he has competed in all major California horse venues and will do so until sold.
Available to be tried at the oaks and mainly at Temecula Series, he is priced at 75k with an owner who would consider a lease to own in the right set up.

Located in San Jacinto, Call or PM for videos.


Fancy HUNTER on a budget!!!

Louis is a 10 year old Imported Dutch warmblood who has lots of show miles in the hunter ring all over California. He is ideal for the 3’3 hunters and very forgiving to the fence. He needs to be treated like a horse and not like a “pet” as he can take advantage of one’s kindness and pul some little stunts. Standing at 15’3, excellent lead changes and simple on the flat. Good mover for the Hack, and jumps a 10 from any distance. Due to his personality we would like him to go in a program where riders do not let him get away with his little stunts if they start resurfacing and we are happy to take him back for boot camp as needed thru out his future career.  Priced to sell at $60k for quick sale.
Located in temecula CA. Call or text 951 388 4155 for more details.

Dos Rojos

2006 imported Belgian WB gelding. 16’3. Very light and comfortable to ride, soft jump and very balanced gaits. Fancy Equitation Jumper gelding. Has competed in the Adult equitation and the children’s jumpers since he’s been imported. Has is own engine but isn’t hot.  Auto lead changes and the most drama free horse ever, no fancy scary jump will spook him. Very quiet on the ground with impeccable ground manenrs and is the same at the show than he is at home. Doesn’t require a big rider, is simple enough for an amateur to learn on and fancy enough to be in the ribbons.

Extremely broke for all of the equitation, haunches in, shoulders in, counter canter and all.

Priced to sell at $65k or lease at $40k

Celio Cruise

Been there done that gelding currently doing the 1m40s in California. Brave simple, forgiving and game! A perfect mount for a junior to learn all of the ropes on, he knows his job by heart and will get you out of the bad one all day every day yet never jump you out of the tack.

Auto lead changes and a big heart, perfect size (16’2), and careful enough to place in most of his classes. Priced to lease at mid 5 figures for the year to approved show home. Located in orange county CA, will be showing until leased out.

Call or text 951 388 4155 for more information. Showing at The oaks in the 1m40s mid September 2018

Special Line H

Older schoolmaster up for lease only. Has shown up to 1m55 in Europe and is currently showing in the 120 to 140s in California with a  young rider.  17 hands, can be fast and is always careful.

Very straight forward, perfect for a rider looking to get more show miles, no prep required, has competed a lot and knows his job. Still competitive in the bigger classes.

Located in Laguna Niguel Orange county CA. Will be showing until leased.

Videos showing in America: 


3 RING FANCY. 11 year old imported Gelding. 16’2 with stocky build.
Has extended show record in the Hunter ring as a derby horse, Medal equitation and children’s jumpers. Has shown up to 1m30 with scope for more. Super automatic with no stop in him, flawless lead changes and a heart of gold. Fits amateur rides and teen agers, forgiving to fences (will take a joke any given day).

Can be ridden soft and go like a hunter or rounded up to go like a jumper. Super technique over any height.

Priced to sell at $70k. (price reflects him not showing for a year). Located in San Jacinto CA. Call or text 951 388 4155.

Shamrock (Leased)

Coming 12 years old Selle francais, imported last summer. Has competed in europe up to 1m40, and in america 1m30 with a young rider. Perfect to teach a teen ager up the levels. Big stride, 16’3 can cross over into the equitation ring. Automatic, has his own engine and takes you to the fence.

Good vetting and X-rays, available to be leased or leased to buy. Priced at $60k, lease at $35k.

Located in Southern California. (short term leases available as well)

Coco (Sold)

For Lease

8 year old Imported Gelding By Casall out of a Carthago mare. 16’2, slender built. Amateur’s dream, takes you to the jump but is not hot (can actually be more of a push ride), Has a great show record in Europe up to 1m30, has schooled 1m45 at home with ease. ABSOLUTELY NO STOP, he loves his job, he’s good at it and he is ready to shine! Has all of buttons to be an equitation horse as well, very balanced uphill canter, flawless changes, and impeccable technique. FOR LEASE ONLY.

Perfect for a kid to bring up the levels (has shown his first week in america with a 12 year old at Thermal) , or even an adult wanting to play around the bigger tracks. To select show barns only. Can be hauled in at Hits Coachella any week.

Year lease at $55k.

Coco Video 1
Coco Video 2

Gigolo (Leased)

Lease, Lease Option, or Purchase

Just arrived February 2019, Grand Prix Gelding that can cross over into the equitation thanks to his fanciness. 16’2 hands and very uphill, Gigolo has lots of show miles all over Europe and a decent FEI record up to 1m50. He is ready to teach the ropes of show jumping to a young rider in the U25, Juniors or even the AA circuit. More of a push ride on the flat, gets going in the ring and gets very competitive. No stop or spook, he is a show machine. Excellent vetting, coming 13 this year, to approved show home. Priced to lease in the high mid 5 figures and purchase in the low 6 figures.

Located in Temecula CA, call or text 951-388-4155 fro more details.