12 year old equitation schoolmaster that has made it all the way to the Maclay.

big heart and his job is effortless for him. Has the scope for the big equitation, all the buttons, flawless lead changes and nothing spooks him. 17’1 push ride with his own engine, he suits all types of riders as he doesn’t necessarily rides big. Needs one trainer ride the first day at the show and his is game ready. Simple to handle on a daily basis.

Perfect to be leased for the finals every year. Priced to lease at $80k. Located in San Jacinto CA

Schooling Video


After a successful career in the 1n45s in Europe this 11 year old gelding successfully started his show career in america going straight from the trailer to the Derby ring in Temecula in May…. and placed 4th!! He also will fit right into the equitation ring and will be showing with a young equitation rider shortly!

He is a bold horse with a form over fences to die for and lots of heart.

Simple over all to handle, 16’3, thick built, auto changes, good uphill carriage. He fits most level riders, has some blood and appears to be an ideal international derby candidate. Priced in the low 6 figures. We would perhaps consider a lease in the appropriate show upper level hunter barn to add to his Derby career!
Located in San Jacinto CA. Call o text 951-388-4155 fro more details!

Colani – Video

Crown Prince

The definition of a 3 ring horse!

With a show record in the hunters the equitation and the heart to do the jumpers, Crown Prince, is elegant, trained, easy, copy and has the form to make it to the top! At 17’3 he has the disposition to fit a great range of riders even the smaller ones.  He is forgiving and light in the bridle, up hill but on the bit, and makes his riders look good thanks to his softness and disposition. Will fit all levels of riders and is a confidence builder at every level. You will not find a more drama free horse around that is this fancy! Available for lease to approved show homes at $80k for the year. Located in San Jacinto CA. Call or text 9513884155 for more details

Crown Prince – Video
Crown Prince – Video


7 year old Hunter Equitation EYE CATCHER!!

Elegant fits his name in every aspect, make a statement everywhere you go and catch the judge’s eyes! Turning 7 this year, already miles in the derbies and schooling big jumps at home that invites us to think that he will finish up being a top International derby horse and even a big equitation super star. Hack winner and a 10 over fences. He is still young and has some maturing to do so will need to go in decent program to be finished and shown accordingly. Priced at $100k will be available to be tried in Orange county and at the Oaks this spring. Call or text 9513884155 for more details.


The perfect definition of a three ring horse! Truly does it all and does it well!

Winning the 1m30s last week at Temecula Valley show, doing the hunter finals last year in Las Vegas, playing in the 140 grand prix,…. you name it, he does it. 11 year old Gelding with the picture perfect front end over any fence at any heights! 16’3, big heart and trained to perfection. Super manners and easy to handle everyday, he is the perfect addition to any program and doesn’t require any prep! Priced at $100k and available to be tried at Temecula Valley week II and III. Call or text 951 388 4155 for more details. 

Von Zipper

8 year old Jumper who will have the ability to cross into the equitation ring thanks to his lofty gaits, his uphill movement and his sharp form over fences.

Von Zipper is a total amateur package to bring riders up the levels. Will fit a kid and will also do great with an adult who wants to learn with finesse as he is super broke and trained. Big heart, big stride and a comfortable jump to build confidence to more insecure riders. 16’3, and the looks to catch the eye thanks to his expressive head and kind eye. In your pocket personality, always looking for attention. He will make the whole family melt! Priced to sell at $80k with motivated owner. Located in Temecula, full set of X-rays available on file. Call or text 9513884155

Charlie Tango

Charlie Tango did great yesterday in the 1m30s and is ready to find his new partner in the jumper ring!

11 year old Irish Sports horse that loves his job and knows how to do it well! With numerous placings in the 120s, he is showing great abilities to shine in the 130s. With some impeccable dressage under his belt he has auto lead changes, great uphill balance and smooth powerful gaits.  Simple to handle on the ground and in the saddle he will be forgiving enough t boring someone up the levels and will tolerate mistakes. 17 hands and stocky built, light in his gaits and mouth. Available to be tried at Temecula Valley week II and III. Priced in high 5 figures. Call or text 951 388 4155


Dolce Cabana Morka a winning 11 year old mare by Lupicor.

With a show record up to 1m30s in Europe this mare in a winning machine!  She has the heart and the scope to run and win in the 1m10s 1m15seasily.  Ridden by a teen ager, she ha s great show record showing in the young riders and loves her job. Blood and carefulness, she will not touch anything and is trained enough to take all the options available! 16h ands with a big barrel she is perfect for small adults and teen agers. Flawless flat work and lead changes and very comfortable gaits and jump.  Priced at $60k with a motivated owner.
Located in San Jacinto CA call or text 951 388 4155
Cora Video
Cora Video


Available for sale at Temecula Horse Show. 17’1, 10 year old Dutch Warmblood that has all the fanciness and training to be as pleasant and competitive as it gets in the equitation and jumper rings. Finishing 7th over all in the 2018 USEF Talent Search finals his first year in the country, he has successfully been competing up to 1m30 with a natural presence to shine in the equitation ring.  Jumps open water, perfect flat work with a natural up hill movement, auto lead changes and a form over fences that is picture perfect at all times.

Perfect for an Amateur rider looking to win in class, he has a big heart and has been brought along by some of the best trainers in California. Recent vetting available, no vices. Actively competing, he will be available to be tried either at the Temecula horse show or in Laguna Hills.

For more information call or text at 951 3884155 or visit www.papillonsaleshorses.com Priced in high 5 figures. 

Emilio Video
Emilio Video


New Equitation Super Star available for purchase! 16’3 with an ideal disposition for teen agers and kids to be in the blues!

With a show record to back him up, he is as simple and broke as it gets. A pace you can only dream of, he makes decisions towards the fence and won’t let anything spook him. He never pulls yet you can get handsy with him and he will not care, has impeccable lead changes, counter canters and you can move all of his body parts (Shoulder, Barrel and hips) with out needing a strong leg. He naturally wants to stay on the bit even if you don’t know to ask for it. USEF# 5570614. On the ground he is mister drama free, bathing, clipping, loading and hauling, is “whatever” for him. At 10 he has a great future ahead of him to make it to the top with an ambitious young rider.  Imported a few years ago by his current owner, he has competed in all major California horse venues and will do so until sold.
Available to be tried at the oaks and mainly at Temecula Series, he is priced at 75k with an owner who would consider a lease to own in the right set up.

Located in San Jacinto, Call or PM for videos.


Imported from Germany with a show record up to 1m30

Tessa is the go to young rider jumper mare to win the 115s 120s. Big heart and loves her job, she is a good step up game. Auto lead changes, enough blood to be competitive yet very safe and manageable. 10 years old, 17 hands, amateur friendly. Her owner is ready to go to the next level and needs to find her her next kid.
Located in the Bay area, priced to sell at $75k. Recent X-rays  available. USEF 5484946
Call or text 951 388 4155 for more information.



Derby prospect available at Hits Coachella. Caspi is a super star in the making. After being only 3 days in America he went straight to the show and excelled in his baby green classes placing each day and even winning his last class of the week! His main asset other than his looks is his Brain, he is the quietest, most giving horse. You would never think he is barely 5: On the ground, under saddle and for his every day care he is the most laid back and drama free horse. Very broke for his age, he will jump all the scary hunter jumps and is always a 10 over the fence with a perfect technique. Soft mouth, balanced and uphills gaits, snaffle mouth. Will be available to be tried at Thermal starting week IV. Excellent recent vetting. Call or text 951-388-4155


Fancy HUNTER on a budget!!!

Louis is a 10 year old Imported Dutch warmblood who has lots of show miles in the hunter ring all over California. He is ideal for the 3’3 hunters and very forgiving to the fence. He needs to be treated like a horse and not like a “pet” as he can take advantage of one’s kindness and pul some little stunts. Standing at 15’3, excellent lead changes and simple on the flat. Good mover for the Hack, and jumps a 10 from any distance. Due to his personality we would like him to go in a program where riders do not let him get away with his little stunts if they start resurfacing and we are happy to take him back for boot camp as needed thru out his future career.  Priced to sell at $60k for quick sale.
Located in temecula CA. Call or text 951 388 4155 for more details.

Gigolo (Leased)

Lease, Lease Option, or Purchase

Just arrived February 2019, Grand Prix Gelding that can cross over into the equitation thanks to his fanciness. 16’2 hands and very uphill, Gigolo has lots of show miles all over Europe and a decent FEI record up to 1m50. He is ready to teach the ropes of show jumping to a young rider in the U25, Juniors or even the AA circuit. More of a push ride on the flat, gets going in the ring and gets very competitive. No stop or spook, he is a show machine. Excellent vetting, coming 13 this year, to approved show home. Priced to lease in the high mid 5 figures and purchase in the low 6 figures.

Located in Temecula CA, call or text 951-388-4155 fro more details.

Dos Rojos

2006 imported Belgian WB gelding. 16’3. Very light and comfortable to ride, soft jump and very balanced gaits. Fancy Equitation Jumper gelding. Has competed in the Adult equitation and the children’s jumpers since he’s been imported. Has is own engine but isn’t hot.  Auto lead changes and the most drama free horse ever, no fancy scary jump will spook him. Very quiet on the ground with impeccable ground manenrs and is the same at the show than he is at home. Doesn’t require a big rider, is simple enough for an amateur to learn on and fancy enough to be in the ribbons.

Extremely broke for all of the equitation, haunches in, shoulders in, counter canter and all.

Priced to sell at $65k or lease at $40k

New Video


8 year old, 16’2 imported gelding with show records in the 120s and potential for 130 (see schooling video). Straight forward tho can be a bit fussy in the mouth, likes a steady contact in order to stay soft and constant in the head set. Very automatic in the lead changes, and loves his job. Has some blood but is very manageable. Tons of miles in California and in Europe.

Presents really well and has a great technique. Sire is Casino ( Capitol) and dam is by Quidam de Revel, in other words as good as it gets! Will fit a junior rider or petite AA thats wants to shine in the jumpers.

For sale in the hight mid 5 figures. Located in Orange county CA


3 RING FANCY. 11 year old imported Gelding. 16’2 with stocky build.
Has extended show record in the Hunter ring as a derby horse, Medal equitation and children’s jumpers. Has shown up to 1m30 with scope for more. Super automatic with no stop in him, flawless lead changes and a heart of gold. Fits amateur rides and teen agers, forgiving to fences (will take a joke any given day).

Can be ridden soft and go like a hunter or rounded up to go like a jumper. Super technique over any height.

Priced to sell at $70k. (price reflects him not showing for a year). Located in San Jacinto CA. Call or text 951 388 4155.

Shamrock (Sold)

Coming 12 years old Selle francais, imported last summer. Has competed in europe up to 1m40, and in america 1m30 with a young rider. Perfect to teach a teen ager up the levels. Big stride, 16’3 can cross over into the equitation ring. Automatic, has his own engine and takes you to the fence.

Good vetting and X-rays, available to be leased or leased to buy. Priced at $60k, lease at $35k.

Located in Southern California. (short term leases available as well)

Zieno (Sold)

Meet Zieno the cutest Hony around!

AT 15’2 he is the perfect step up horse to play around and win in the jumpers. HAs been there done that since he was imported and has competed from the .80s to the 110s with kids of all levels. He is all Jumper, loves his job and loves to win!  Lately he has been ridden by his current owner as a dressage horse and occasional jumping. He is ready to go either direction really. DOn’t let his age (15) fool you, he has plenty of miles left in him and has the body of an 8 year old (Lucky him!!) Priced at $25k with a priority to find him the best for ever home ever. Located by Temecula CA, Call or text 951 388 4155 former details! 

Remango (Sold)

Remango Aka Mango, the coolest horse around to bring you up the levels all the way to the 120s!

16’2 Sell Francais with tons of miles under his belt. He is bold, talented, knows his job and does it without an ounce of drama. Super soft and smooth mouth, he is balanced in his gates, won’t get offended to the distance and will always go to the other side. The ideal easy going horse to do it all and just have fun. Priced to lease at $50k to select show barns. Located by Temecula

Remango Video
Remango Video

Heny (Sold)

Available for $30k, 17’1 Oldenburg gelding with all the class in the world.

Excellent flat work as he was started in Dressage, and Has a heart to jump! Scopy and eager, he is the perfect investment to get a top horse on a beer budget.  Has also done cross country and got an initiation to all the spooky coops, ditches, banks and water. Once he knows what is expected of him he enjoys it to the fullest and goes for it.  Over fences he is careful and has a super front end, still green as he only has been jumping under saddle for a month but he never touches them and applies himself; every time he is better and better! On the flat he is beyond fancy, a show stopper for sure, lead changes are there and he is so uphill and light and is always in a frame no matter what! On the ground he is mister goofy, he lives for attention and is looking for a loving mom who will pamper him for hours, he never gets enough, the more you spend time with him the happier he is. X-rays available on file, a true catch for the future. Call or text 951-388-4155 for more details and Videos!

PJ (Sold)

Deal Alert

Meet PJ, an 8 year old Oldenburg that has all the talent in the world to be a derby horse and really an all 3 ring. He has the scope, the heart and the technique!
16 hands, as sound as can be, Auto lead changes, big stride and a cute mover to place in the Hack. Started late so a bit behind in his training, someone is getting a great investment horse for the future, All you need to do is put some show miles on him which he is ready for! Priced to sell at $50k. Clean legs and thorough vettings welcomed. Call or text 951 388 4155

Ulligan (Sold)

CHROME ALERT. 9 year old Imported Son of Kannan with a successful show record up to 1m30 in Europe.

17 hands and round confirmation, the sweetest horse around to handle. Not spooky towards jumps, jumps open water and gives a great feel over fences. Could cross over as an emu horse.  Does better with taller rider as he has a big barrel. Auto lead changes, very lofty and comfortable to ride, no vices. Fully vetted with very good X-rays from October 2017. USEF life registered.  Perfect for an ambitious young rider with long legs or an AA. Located in Temecula area California. Priced to sell at $75k.
Call or text 951-388-4155
Schooling hunter ring Coachella
Schooling video europe 1m30

Kings (Sold)

Coming 8, Imported Jumper. Has competed all over Europe in big 7 year old international classes, with an impressive resume up to 1m40 (see attached). Just shy of 16’3 with a lot of bone. Very compact horse with lots of action and a powerful jump and canter. Brave and Super scopy with a lot of show miles. Did his debut in

California showing in the young riders at Hits Coachella as well as bigger classes with pro. Perfect for an ambitious rider looking for a GP prospect on a tight budget. ($80K).

Full vetted and X-rayed this year, Will be showing until sold and price is subject to change with results. Located in Temecula but is showing at Hits Coachella.


Atticus (Sold)

16 hands, 11 years old German WB gelding. The sweetest most personable horse we have. Always has his ears forward and is always looking to catch your eye! Knows his job in the arena and is super forgiving on rider’s error. Mainly been ridden by good amateur rider and extended show record up to 1m10. Has scope to do more as he will school bigger at home. Don’t let his size fool you, he has the step and can cover the ground to make it out of the combinations. Not looky at new jumps, jumps liverpools and flower boxes all day. Really big heart and loves his job.

The perfect match for a kid looking to step up from a pony and win in the jumper ring.

The right amount of go, with very good breaks, just say the word and he will slow down! Auto lead changes and super easy to get on the bit, goes in a snaffle, regular shoes and no over the top maintenance or supplements. Easy keeper and drama free.

Located in San Jacinto CA, can be tried call 951-388-4155 to schedule trial. Priced to sell in mid 5 figures.

More video links:

Churchill (Sold)

Grand Prix Gelding for LEASE ONLY. Multiple wins and ribbons up to 1m45 ready to teach the job to a new rider. Matches perfectly a more timid rider kid, teen or AA. No vices no prep required. Total packer up to 1m40 perfect schoolmaster. Can also cross over the equitation ring. 17’3 with a narrow build, can be ridden by shorter riders as well.

Knows his job and has been shown all over the major show grounds. 

Located at Showpark in Delmar California. Call or text 951-388-4155 . Year lease at $50k to select barns only.

Eldorado (Sold)

8 year old Imported jumper Equ gelding. Fancy Scopy and handsome. Has successfully competed up to 1m35 in Europe but clearly has the scope for more, about to start his show career in America with an AA rider.  17 hands, refined built, beautiful light mover with flawless lead changes.

Good mind, doesn’t get phased, and very careful over fences! Is  smooth over the jumps and doesn’t jump you out of the tack.

Priced to sell in the high 5 figures, price subject to change with show miles in the USA. Located by Temecula CA

Sydney (Leased)

Absolute School Master

8 year old WB mare out of RID stallion King of Hearts. AMATEUR MOUNT. Any body can ride and course. Scopy, brave and simple, will be in the blue ribbons all the time.

Absolutely No Stop In Her and No Spook

Has schooled up to 1m40 and shown up to 1m20. AUTOMATIC LEAD CHANGES could even go equitation. Stands at 16’3 with a stocky built. Located in Laguna Hills CA. Priced to sell at $55k firm.

Call or Text (951) 388 4155.

Tolbiac (Sold)

PRICE DROP to $48k

10 year old Imported Gelding by MYlord Carthago. Has shown in America with a teenager in the 1m10s-1m15s and has an extended show career in the 1m25s in Europe with an AA. Brave, forgiving and knows his job. Very simple and straight forward no prep required. 17 hands, doesn’t ride too big, adapts to any rider. Great auto lead changes, has schooled up to 1m35.

Located in Showpark Delmar CA, will be showing until sold. Priced to sell at $48k. Call or text 951 388 4155

Schooling :

Schooling with teen bareback:

Edelman (Sold)

Just imported this Fall, 8 year old Dutch Gelding by Douglas VDL. Honest, with the biggest heart who will jump anything. Successfully competed in the 6 and 7 years old in europe, schooling 1m45 with ease and even won a puissance at 1m60. Has his changes, and is very quick on his feet making him very forgiving and tolerant for younger riders.

Has some blood and some turns, he goes in to win! Perfect Junior horse ready for grand prix this coming season!

Stands at 16’1, comes fully vetted with numerous X-rays on file. No vices, no maintenance. Located in Temecula CA. Can be tried in Thermal as early as the first week. Reasonably priced, inquire about videos! Call or text 951 388 4155 for details

Salvaro (Sold)

Recently imported 2005 Schoolmaster that does it all. Show record up to 1m35 in europe, lot’s of heart and very automatic point and shoot gelding. Schools 1m40 at home. 16’3 with no vices. Has successfully been showing in California since imported in May 2017. Will jump open water and the spookiest jumps ever. No prep needed is the same at the show than he is at home.

Flawless lead changes, a good mouth, will take you to the jump and is a confidence builder.

Priced to sell at $85k with recent X-rays on file.   Call or text 951 388 4155 to try him at the Oaks this week end. Videos schooling and showing available on demand.

My Friend Z (Sold)

Just imported in 2016, 6 year old Gelding by famous  MyLord Carthago and out of a Chin Chin mare. Phenomenal jumper with endless scope and a brain to accomplish big things. Successfully shown in Europe and now starting his jumping career in the 6 year old classes in Coachella Desert tour. 16 hands and very very easy and quiet. Doesn’t require prep and matches both amateur and pro riders. Schooling 1m45 with ease.

Will be a GP horse if he continues his progress. Can go around the hunter ring as well for schooling classes to get used to all the fancy jumps!  Great mind same at home or at the show.

Priced reduced to $75k. A great investment for the future, price will increase with show miles.  In Coachella  for the whole circuit. Call or text 951 388 4155 former details

Qristal (Sold)

Imported Equitation/jumper gelding. 16’3 . 11 year old.  Successfully winning in France (won in France end of December) in the 4’6 classes(1m35). Very trained, gentle flashy, honest to the fence and absolutely no stop. LOVES HIS JOB, will make any rider look good. Automatic lead changes, and great dressage foundation for flat work. LIght in the mouth, easy to collect.

Extended show record in Europe, one owner.

Priced to sell with passport at $75k to select show barns only.
Call or text 951 388 4155

Electra (Sold)

Amateur Full Package WB Mare. The less you know the better she is, Electra is a full on babysitter, confidence builder that does it all. Extremely well mannered, fun and honest. 15’3, easy keeper, barefoot and Fully Vetted and X-Rayed Clean. Schools up to 3’4, scope to do more. Awesome on creative gymnastics, arena work as well as trails and even Cross Country. Has her lead changes, covers the ground in the combinations, and very patient with beginners and shy riders.

Priced to sell with xrays and vet report at $15k, room for reasonable offers.

In full training in renowned show barn in Laguna Hills CA, also used in jumper lesson program.

Arivaderci Alex (Sold)

IMPORTED (2014) Bavarian Warmblood , successfully showing in the 1m50s. 10 year old gelding by Alvarez. 16 hands, extended show record here and in Europe, placed in multiple Grand Prix in California. Easy ride, honest and Brave. Would be a perfect match for an ambitious amateur looking to reach the top quickly. Practical to the fence and forgiving, trained and automatic.

Could Cross over to the Equitation Rings

Priced in the low 6 figures. Can be tried in Murrieta CA. Call or text 951-388-4155 for more information and to schedule a showing, Serious adult inquiries ONLY