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Just in, 11 year old KWPN mare (16’3) priced reasonably to sell or lease. Has a show record as an equitation, hunter and jumper mare , suits the jumper ring best. Very amateur friendly and forgiving. Brave and honest both under saddle and on the ground.

No vices, good brain and not Marish. Perfect for a teen ager to learn the tricks of show jumping.

Can be hauled around and doesn’t get phased, has her own engine to go to the fences and solid flat work. Priced to sell at $42k or Lease at $25k.
Located in Temecula CA. Call or text 951-388-4155


CHROME ALERT. 9 year old Imported Son of Kannan with a successful show record up to 1m30 in Europe.

17 hands and round confirmation, the sweetest horse around to handle. Not spooky towards jumps, jumps open water and gives a great feel over fences. Could cross over as an emu horse.  Does better with taller rider as he has a big barrel. Auto lead changes, very lofty and comfortable to ride, no vices. Fully vetted with very good X-rays from October 2017. USEF life registered.  Perfect for an ambitious young rider with long legs or an AA. Located in Temecula area California. Priced to sell at $75k.
Call or text 951-388-4155
Schooling hunter ring Coachella
Schooling video europe 1m30


10 year old recently imported Dutch WB gelding. 16’1 and a little show machine. He loves his jobs and nothing stops him in the show ring. A big heart and the brain to win! Auto lead changes, very simple and straight forward to ride. Has his own engine but will listen to his rider if asked to slow down. Has shown and placed up to 1m25s with a kid in europe.

Perfect for a Teen ager to step up and actually win some ribbons. Tons of miles indoors, on grass, liver pools, you name it. Fully Xrayed Summer 2017. Ready to start his career in America.

Priced reduced to $60k. Located in San Jacinto CA. Call or text 951 388 4155 for more details!


3 RING FANCY. 9 year old imported Gelding. 16’2 with stocky build.
Has extended show record in the Hunter ring as a derby horse, Medal equitation and children’s jumpers. Has shown up to 1m30 with scope for more. Super automatic with no stop in him, flawless lead changes and a heart of gold. Fits amateur rides and teen agers, forgiving to fences (will take a joke any given day).

Can be ridden soft and go like a hunter or rounded up to go like a jumper. Super technique over any height.

Priced to sell at $70k. (price reflects him not showing for a year). Located in San Jacinto CA. Call or text 951 388 4155.


Grand Prix 10 year old gelding recently imported. 16’1 currently placing in the 1m50 Grand Prixs in California such as Thermal, The Oaks… Brave, simple and hard working. Loves his job and above all, loves to win.

Has also done the children’s classes with a teen ager and is easy enough to handle for an amateur. Available to lease or purchase or lease to buy.

Owner is motivated and he is reasonably priced. Owner will entertain offers. Located in Southern CA, can be tried at all the local major shows or in the San Diego area. Fully Xrayed and vetted. Priced to sell in the mid low 6 figures. Numerous Videos available on demand.


5 year old Imported gelding with all the talent and the looks. Calou has competed successfully in the 5 year old classes in europe (1m15) and is ready to continu his career in America as a jumper. Very brave and not spooky, still needs to be finished on the flat work so would fit best in program. Has scope to jump 1m30 right now and potentially more with the proper training. Lead changes come easily, fits best with an educated rider with a soft hand.

Perfect manners and can be hauled and shown, he doesn’t care. A true gem for a knowledgeable rider on a budget. 16’3 and still has some growing to do. Fully Xrayed and vetted. No vices.

Priced at $45k with a motivated owner. Located in San Jacinto CA. Call or text 951 388 4155


Amateur friendly, consistent winner in the 1m40s as a 7 year old, ready to step up. Rideable by anyone with impeccable flat work and great rideability to the fences. Perfect for a pro rider or amateur looking to go up the levels. 16’1, fully vetted and xrayed. No vices. Revised stallion, can be gelded or imported as a stallion.

Automatic lead changes, rubber snaffle mouth, jumps open water and is brave to any fence.

Located in france. Reasonably priced for the quality of this horse. Great investment for resale in america.

Cassini Royal

Imported 2 weeks ago: 9 year old Imported gelding by Cassini II. 18 hands and as scopy as it gets.  Won a puissance in Europe at 1m90 (6 feet 4) and was started in the 1m50 Grand Prix in England. Automatic on lead changes and unlimited jump. Very amateur friendly for any type of rider. Can go for the win and take options or cruise around.

Gets along with all types of riders, even petite timid, he is honest to the fence and bigger the jump the better he is! Endless show record in Europe. Currently in full training in Temecula CA.

Available for lease only.  Call or text 951 388 4155.

More videos available

Flintstone (Leased)

***FOR LEASE ONLY*** Imported Wb gelding 16’2 a kid’s dream! Has brought his adult amateur owner and previous kid owner to the finals in France.  Has a huge show record in any type pf rings, jumps the open water and will take a joke all day long.  VERY VERY trained your only job on him is to show him the jumps. He can be quick if you want him to, but will wait for you if this is more your type. On top of looking like a Unicorn with his white color, he is easy to handle on the ground, loves turn outs and trails! So far no maintenance required and no prep at all, ready to show tomorrow!

Flintstone has no vices and is ready to bring his next kid to the top. Winner and packer up to 1m15. Perfect for a kid to learn on. He will not stop, not buck and will take you to the other side of the jump no matter what. He has tempi changes like a dressage horse and the softest lightest mouth!

See for your self on the videos where rider puts him on a bad spot at every single fence. Can be tried in Coachella for the rest of the show. Year Lease at $45k  Two year Lease at $70k. Call or text 951-388-4155 for more information

D’Almedor (Sold)

Higher level Prospect. 4 year old Selle Francais Gelding by Alme out of a Nimerdor mare. TONS OF TALENT with all the scope. So far schooling 1m30 like it’s nothing,… We are holding back on jumping more because he is only 4. Solid brains with no stop or spook. Already jumps flower boxes and liver pools like any regular jump.

A natural on his lead changes, green but ahead of his time for his age. LOVES grids and is always taking you to the jumps.

17 hands with a little bit of growing to do. Being started now before he is turned out to finish growing this winter. Price will increase as a 5 year old. Located in San Jacinto CA. Priced at $40k. Call or text 951 388 4155 .

Churchill (Sold)

Grand Prix Gelding for LEASE ONLY. Multiple wins and ribbons up to 1m45 ready to teach the job to a new rider. Matches perfectly a more timid rider kid, teen or AA. No vices no prep required. Total packer up to 1m40 perfect schoolmaster. Can also cross over the equitation ring. 17’3 with a narrow build, can be ridden by shorter riders as well.

Knows his job and has been shown all over the major show grounds. 

Located at Showpark in Delmar California. Call or text 951-388-4155 . Year lease at $50k to select barns only.

Eldorado (Sold)

8 year old Imported jumper Equ gelding. Fancy Scopy and handsome. Has successfully competed up to 1m35 in Europe but clearly has the scope for more, about to start his show career in America with an AA rider.  17 hands, refined built, beautiful light mover with flawless lead changes.

Good mind, doesn’t get phased, and very careful over fences! Is  smooth over the jumps and doesn’t jump you out of the tack.

Priced to sell in the high 5 figures, price subject to change with show miles in the USA. Located by Temecula CA

Sydney (Leased)

Absolute School Master

8 year old WB mare out of RID stallion King of Hearts. AMATEUR MOUNT. Any body can ride and course. Scopy, brave and simple, will be in the blue ribbons all the time.

Absolutely No Stop In Her and No Spook

Has schooled up to 1m40 and shown up to 1m20. AUTOMATIC LEAD CHANGES could even go equitation. Stands at 16’3 with a stocky built. Located in Laguna Hills CA. Priced to sell at $55k firm.

Call or Text (951) 388 4155.

Tolbiac (Sold)

PRICE DROP to $48k

10 year old Imported Gelding by MYlord Carthago. Has shown in America with a teenager in the 1m10s-1m15s and has an extended show career in the 1m25s in Europe with an AA. Brave, forgiving and knows his job. Very simple and straight forward no prep required. 17 hands, doesn’t ride too big, adapts to any rider. Great auto lead changes, has schooled up to 1m35.

Located in Showpark Delmar CA, will be showing until sold. Priced to sell at $48k. Call or text 951 388 4155

Schooling :

Schooling with teen bareback:

Edelman (Sold)

Just imported this Fall, 8 year old Dutch Gelding by Douglas VDL. Honest, with the biggest heart who will jump anything. Successfully competed in the 6 and 7 years old in europe, schooling 1m45 with ease and even won a puissance at 1m60. Has his changes, and is very quick on his feet making him very forgiving and tolerant for younger riders.

Has some blood and some turns, he goes in to win! Perfect Junior horse ready for grand prix this coming season!

Stands at 16’1, comes fully vetted with numerous X-rays on file. No vices, no maintenance. Located in Temecula CA. Can be tried in Thermal as early as the first week. Reasonably priced, inquire about videos! Call or text 951 388 4155 for details

Salvaro (Sold)

Recently imported 2005 Schoolmaster that does it all. Show record up to 1m35 in europe, lot’s of heart and very automatic point and shoot gelding. Schools 1m40 at home. 16’3 with no vices. Has successfully been showing in California since imported in May 2017. Will jump open water and the spookiest jumps ever. No prep needed is the same at the show than he is at home.

Flawless lead changes, a good mouth, will take you to the jump and is a confidence builder.

Priced to sell at $85k with recent X-rays on file.   Call or text 951 388 4155 to try him at the Oaks this week end. Videos schooling and showing available on demand.

Greg (Sold)

9 years old Chestnut TB gelding. Been there done that with show record with a timid kid.  VERY trained and automatic, forgiving and fancy! Great lead changes, light mouth and responsive to legs he is the perfect combo of go and wow where a rider feels safe but doesn’t feel the need to constantly kick forward. Has also an eventing background so would excel in all disciplines for a solid all around horse on top of a hunter/ Jumper/equ horse. Has scope to jump 3’6.

Clean legs, no bad habits, clips, ties, likes the shows,… Perfect for a small budget looking to still get the full package.

Priced reduced to $12,500Located in Bonsall, call or text 951-388-4155

My Friend Z (Sold)

Just imported in 2016, 6 year old Gelding by famous  MyLord Carthago and out of a Chin Chin mare. Phenomenal jumper with endless scope and a brain to accomplish big things. Successfully shown in Europe and now starting his jumping career in the 6 year old classes in Coachella Desert tour. 16 hands and very very easy and quiet. Doesn’t require prep and matches both amateur and pro riders. Schooling 1m45 with ease.

Will be a GP horse if he continues his progress. Can go around the hunter ring as well for schooling classes to get used to all the fancy jumps!  Great mind same at home or at the show.

Priced reduced to $75k. A great investment for the future, price will increase with show miles.  In Coachella  for the whole circuit. Call or text 951 388 4155 former details

Zantiago RV (Sold)

SCHOOLMASTER ALERT. 12 year old Imported KWPN. Sired by the famous BURGRAAF. Has competed and finished 2nd in one of the Hickstead speed class Derby (1m40-1m45) in 2013. Successfully competed with an amateur rider on the East coast for the last 2 years. (Ocala, Wellington, Kentucky,…). Lead changes, and as simple as it gets to the fence. Perfect for an amateur who wants to win and learn the tricks in all safety. Very simple to jump up to 1m30, with scope for more with a little bit more ride. SHOW READY, NO PREP REQUIRED. CAN CROSS OVER AND DO THE EQUITATION JUMPERS. Jumps the open water.

16’1 with a massive built, very people oriented and automatic.

Priced to sell at $85k. Located in Southern California.

Indie Pop (Sold)

6 years old registered and branded Mecklenburg gelding. Stands at 16’1. Has show miles in California. Very simple to ride, excellent form over fences, would excel as a Hunter or Equ horse.  Simple to get in the frame, light in the hands and responsive to legs. SHOW

Show-Ready. Automatic Lead Changes Has shown at the Oaks last year. Scope to go up to 3’4-3’6, curently schooling 3 feet with ease.

Priced to sell at $25K. Will pass the vet check. Located in Murrieta CA

Qristal (Sold)

Imported Equitation/jumper gelding. 16’3 . 11 year old.  Successfully winning in France (won in France end of December) in the 4’6 classes(1m35). Very trained, gentle flashy, honest to the fence and absolutely no stop. LOVES HIS JOB, will make any rider look good. Automatic lead changes, and great dressage foundation for flat work. LIght in the mouth, easy to collect.

Extended show record in Europe, one owner.

Priced to sell with passport at $75k to select show barns only.
Call or text 951 388 4155

Electra (Sold)

Amateur Full Package WB Mare. The less you know the better she is, Electra is a full on babysitter, confidence builder that does it all. Extremely well mannered, fun and honest. 15’3, easy keeper, barefoot and Fully Vetted and X-Rayed Clean. Schools up to 3’4, scope to do more. Awesome on creative gymnastics, arena work as well as trails and even Cross Country. Has her lead changes, covers the ground in the combinations, and very patient with beginners and shy riders.

Priced to sell with xrays and vet report at $15k, room for reasonable offers.

In full training in renowned show barn in Laguna Hills CA, also used in jumper lesson program.

Lexa (Sold)

Flashy jumper mare for Lease. Been there done that up to 1m45. EXTENDED Show record with both amateur and pro riders. Forward ride but very simple, automatic lead changes and super eager to jump. Loves her job. 16’2 hands, compact build, born in 2001.

Perfect for a kid or AA to go up the levels and have fun. Very consistent, doesn’t require to be worked all the time, no prep necessary for shows.

Located in Orange County, can be hauled in thermal. Will be showing at the Oaks. Lease Price of $45k. Call or text 951 388 4155 for more information.

Cadano (Sold)

3 ring Flashy Holsteiner Gelding For Sale or Lease Cadano is coming 7 years old, 16.3hd, by Capitol 1.
Show miles in the jumper ring with a professional and an amateur. 6yr Jumper Champion at Showpark 2015 in the 1m30s. Show ready for the hunter and equitation ring. Automatic lead changes, not strong to the jumps, very well trained.

Extremely simple and amateur friendly, safe and brave.

Priced to sell in the higher 5 figures, Lease options available.
Located in La Cresta CA

Arivaderci Alex (Sold)

IMPORTED (2014) Bavarian Warmblood , successfully showing in the 1m50s. 10 year old gelding by Alvarez. 16 hands, extended show record here and in Europe, placed in multiple Grand Prix in California. Easy ride, honest and Brave. Would be a perfect match for an ambitious amateur looking to reach the top quickly. Practical to the fence and forgiving, trained and automatic.

Could Cross over to the Equitation Rings

Priced in the low 6 figures. Can be tried in Murrieta CA. Call or text 951-388-4155 for more information and to schedule a showing, Serious adult inquiries ONLY