Talented, straight forward and experienced mare for the biggest hunter and equitation rings.

Show record up to 3’6-3’9 with both pros and amateurs in both rings. Auto lead changes, non spooky, forgiving and brave. Just shy of 17 hands, beautiful type with lots of expression over fences. Soft jump even at 3’6, comfortable gates. The ideal ride to build someone’s confidence and bring them up the levels. Very recent PPE with all records on file. Priced to sell at $100k


Do you want to have the cutest horse in your division?

Cadouri is that horse that you cannot walk pass without melting. His personality, his heart and his looks is all you need to go play in the children’s jumpers and even dabble in the 1m20+. At 9 he is mature enough to bring a kid up the levels. 16’1 big strides and very adjustable, confidence builder type. LOVES TO TAKE CARE OF HIS RIDER. The type that is better for the kids than he is for the trainers. He knows his job and wants to be a teacher. USEF: 5566741. Great show record in both Thermal and Canada.

Priced at $85k to approved good home!

Arthanne De Cacao

The Ultimate Kids Horse.

Knows one thing: get to the other side and finish her course. Has a big heart, loves her job and has tons of show miles to prove it. 16 hands, 11 years old, non marish, auto everything. Since imported in 2018 she has shown up to 1m20 and brought numerous kids to play in the 1m-1m10s. Priced to sell at $75k, will vet.


Available to be tried by the Oaks until Temecula Spring Series.

9 year old Hanoverian Hunter Equitation Gelding. Elegant, refined, 17 hands, to compete in the 3’3+ divisions. Soft gates and uphill balance, his own engine, Late Night will thrive in a thorough program that has experience in bringing quality horses up the levels. Has all the assets to make it as stunning finished mount, just needs consistency and an ambitious rider to go up the levels accordingly. Impeccable vetting with ALL American standard X-rays available and more. Show record with both pro and amateur Adult riders in both rings.

Priced at $85k with a motivated owner. Can be tried in San Juan Capistrano and will be available at JumpNee. USEF: 5617061 Call or text 9513884155 for more details.


11 year old with a heart of gold to bring a kid up the levels up to 1m25-1m30.

17 hands, simple and straight forward, has proven himself in America since imported on tracks up to 1m35. Perfect jumper to bring a kid up the levels, will take a joke, doesn’t hold it against his rider and keeps on going no matter what. Simple to handle on the ground with no vices, doesn’t require prep.

Priced to sell at $85k , would lease for $50k to approved home.

Ascott Du Temple

Ascot Du Temple: The biggest hearted horse there is. If it remotely looks like jump and you point it at it, he WILL jump it.

This competitive Grand Prix Gelding imported 2 years ago has successfully made his way in the California Grand Prix rings and is ready for his new match. 2010. USEF: 5590700. Would be a perfect horse to build a young rider’s confidence over bigger fences and make it all the way to 1m40s. 16’3, big stride, uphill, and lots of scope. Easily one to school up at home up to 1m60 just to see what it feels like. Very kind and forgiving, trained to turn and take strides out to be competitive. His scope helps him take jokes and his mental gives him the best sense of humor. Loving horse to be around, no vices, what you see is what you get type. Papillon Sales Horses has personally known the horse since he was 4 and can vouch for his braveness and straightforwardness.

Priced to sell at $250k, will pass PPE. Will be available to be tried at the Nilforushan in Temecula this Spring. Call or text 951 3884155


Meet Macallan AKA Dutch, a complete Hunter and equitation package for both AAs and young riders.

16’2, refined built, after a successful career in the upper level jumpers, Dutch has been excelling in the last 2 years in the hunter and equitation rings, winning the ZONE 8, 9, 10 finals of the Adult equitation at the International Festival last Fall. Dutch is now ready for his new journey to teach the ropes to his new partner. Scope for the 3’6 and derbies, snaffle mouth, uphill, comfortable and light, he makes the rider’s job easy. No prepare required, he is a turn key addition to any program for the A rated show circuit. Priced in the high 5-low six figures. Would consider a lease or lease to own in the right scenario. Located in Orange County CA USEF 5303905

Flying Cornet

Papillon Sales Horses is proud to present it’s very own 1m30+ Winning Jumper.

After a successful lease and plenty of wins in the 1m30s with a young rider, “Flying Cornet” is ready for his new kid or adult to go win with. 10 years old with amazing bloodlines (Cornet Obolensky/For Pleasure), 17 hands, auto everything. Sensible horse that is careful, eager and has a big heart. Allergic to wood, if you have the will to win, he will make it happen for you ! After a successful career in Europe in the 1m40s “Corny” is the ideal horse to bring an ambitious rider up the levels. Priced in the low 6 Figures. Located by Temecula. RECENT VET CHECK ON FILE FROM OCTOBER 2020. Lots of videos available with kids and teenagers.


Papillon Sales Horses is proud to present to you this promising 7 year old GP mare with the BEST FRONT END AND TECHNIQUE one could ever wish for.

At only 7 Dolce is already placing in 1m40 GPs against seasoned older GP horses, has just competed in the French 7 year old final last week end, placing in the first phase against 110 horses. Automatic lead changes, tolerant enough for a young amateur rider, snaffle mouth, very very brave to any fence, experience jumping open water,… she is the full package for a promising GP investment. At 16’2 she is the perfect size to be quick across the ground and take the tighest options. Modern, careful, practical, she hasn’t been over used and has no mare behavior. Treat yourself with this beauty and catch everyone’s eye in the GP ring right off the plane! Priced imported and delivered in the $$$, full set of X-rays available. Located in France. Call or text 9513884155

Gigolo (Leased)

Lease, Lease Option, or Purchase

Just arrived February 2019, Grand Prix Gelding that can cross over into the equitation thanks to his fanciness. 16’2 hands and very uphill, Gigolo has lots of show miles all over Europe and a decent FEI record up to 1m50. He is ready to teach the ropes of show jumping to a young rider in the U25, Juniors or even the AA circuit. More of a push ride on the flat, gets going in the ring and gets very competitive. No stop or spook, he is a show machine. Excellent vetting, coming 13 this year, to approved show home. Priced to lease in the high mid 5 figures and purchase in the low 6 figures.

Located in Temecula CA, call or text 951-388-4155 fro more details.

C’est Indezz (Leased)

Indezz is truly the horse of a lifetime.

Brought his junior rider from the 1.10 to the 1.45 Grand Prix. Won the Zone 10 1.35 jr/am team and individual championships. Rarely takes down rails and always jumps his heart out. His record speaks for itself with many top placings in competitive high junior classes. He is very low maintenance and confident taking an amateur to the highest levels of the sport. Soft mouth, nice temperament and easy to hack. 13 years old, still very competitive for the big tracks, the perfect addition for someone looking for a school master. 16’3, automatic, minimal prep and big heart.

Priced to lease at $90k and for sale at $150k.

Gary (Sold)

Kind hearted 15 year old gelding that has proven himself up to 1m40 in America and South America.

16’2, round built, best lead changes one could ask for. Wants to be a hunter or equitation horse, just needs the miles to prove it. Available for lease in the mid 5 figures to approved barn.

Dinero (Sold)

Latest addition to our string of sales horses: Meet Dinero!

The perfect kid’s jumper to play up to 1m10s-1m15s. Very simple ride, where th bless you do the better he is! Simply ride on the buckle and pick a course and he’ll do the rest!16’2, 11 year old. Best lead changes, amazing balance, uphill gates and very smooth jump. Makes the ideal mount for the AA ladies and for the kids that just want to have fun and place in the jumpers. Dinero also cleans up for the equitation ring and will show off in the all of the flat classes and jump over all the spooky fences! Priced to lease at $40k for the year. would consider selling him to the best home ever as he really holds a special place in the owners heart. Located between Thermal and Temecula.

Credo (Leased)

12 year old équitation and hunter gelding available for lease ONLY . 16’2 with experience in the hunters at 3’3 schooling 3’6 and an  Ideal ride for the equitation as he has a very easy counter canter, and will ALWAYS jump no matter the distance and no matter the fence.

In the ribbons in the Modified and Jr hunters at GSDHJA. Qualified for 2020 Jr hunter Nationals.

Credo fits Good enough for a pro, easy enough for an AA and a young rider/children. Absolutely no prep required he is even better in the show ring than at home! Priced at $50k for the year to select show barns only

Consider 5 (Sold)

Meet the most competitive and eager horse there is. Consider 5 AKA DK, takes his job very seriously and excels at it.

With a show record up to 1m40 with pro rider, he lately has been a competitive amateur horse for his owner to play in the 1m20s. Schooling 1m40+ at home, he will be at Thermal showing in the 1m30s-1m35s until sold. Beyond automatic lead changes, a very practical compact built, and extremely forgiving to the fence.  2008, USEF 5335968, will be actively showing until sold. Can be tried at Thermal for the entire circuit.
Priced in the high 5 figures. Call or text 951 3884155 for more details.

Maestro (Leased)

6 yearly recently Imported gelding. Right off the plane and ,as a 5 year old, was already placing in the Derbies, just a natural that will jump it all. 

Trailer him to a new place an hour before the class and that’s all the prep you need. He will not care what the jumps look like, if other horses are acting up, or if its a windy day with a spooky ring. 17’1 doesn’t ride huge so will match most rider types. Very push buttons, the less you know the better he is. Lead changes are naturally there and so is the stride to make it down the lines. Will excel in his hunter career with a young rider or AA. You cannot find a 6 year old with a better brain. Lands the lead each time, super form over the fence and above all just the biggest heart. The Kind of horse every trainer will want in their barn to make their client shine. Located in San Jacinto CA, can be hauled to Thermal for trials and will be showcased at the Sport Horse Sales Event.

Priced at $80k.

Capitano (Sold)

Just in, lovely Equitation Hunter Gelding, with all the show miles from coast to Coast up to 3’6.

The best foundation one could wish for on the flat, a very straight forward disposition towards the fence and a good heart all together. Corresponds to a good variety of riders in a way that you can either ride him collected and fancy or let him poke his nose out and enjoy the ride. Huge stride, the most auto lead changes one could wish for, and comfortable gaits and jump. Not a boring push ride but just a little spur will get you exactly where you need to be! 17 hands, 10 years old, imported, a solid horse that will be a great addition to any program and won’t break the bank for the quality.

Priced at $60k. Located by Temecula. Call or text 951-388-4155

Frodosi (Leased)

If you are looking for a winning 1m30-1m40 jumper to bring your confidence to a whole other level, Frodo is your ride!

Has brought a young rider front he 1mm20s to placing in his first Markel Grand Prix.  A heart of gold, an amateur brain that stays forgiving, the scope to take a joke and not hold a grudge. 16’2, big step, a simple straight forward horse with just enough blood to keep things interesting yet safe. When you are ready to conquer the blues, he will be your ride and won’t let you down.
Priced at low 6-figures.
Located in Orange county. Can be tried in Thermal on and off as well. USEF:5172832

Cornet Cartier (Sold)

A Saint/ GEM/ packer in action. If you are looking for a horse that can take your kids through their first derbies and do the 110s the next day: he is the one. A jack of all trades that has proven himself over and over in all and any scenario one can think of. Here in the Child derby with a 10 year old little girl who had never ridden him! 11 year old, 16’1,

The horse that parents and trainers will never want to let go!

HERE WITH a 10 year old kid in the young rider derby! Priced at $85k

Love Story (Sold)

Calling The new kid’s horse precious is an under statement!

  • Parent and trainer approved
  • Perfect .90 jumper mare to win and have a blast with
  • Ideal step up horse from the ponies
  • Flawless lead changes
  • Jumps anything from anywhere
  • 15’3 $45k, 10 years old
  • Tons of show miles and almost a win at every class!

Hollywood (Sold)

Meet the horse that any beginner-intermediate AA needs to be riding.

Kindness, big heart and forgiveness define him best. He will do what ever it takes to get you to the other side of that fence! Very patient and tolerant of rider mistakes, he has the perfect “dude” brain to teach the ropes and build his rider’s confidence.
Very comfortable jump and gaits. Push ride. Elegant and easy on the eye, With a successful show record up to 1m20, he is the perfect step here to venture in the 1m10 to 1m20s. No prep required, no maintenance and no vices.
Priced to sell at $50k. Located in North San Diego county

  • Price $50k

Emilio (Sold)

Available for sale at Temecula Horse Show. 17’1, 10 year old Dutch Warmblood that has all the fanciness and training to be as pleasant and competitive as it gets in the equitation and jumper rings. Finishing 7th over all in the 2018 USEF Talent Search finals his first year in the country, he has successfully been competing up to 1m30 with a natural presence to shine in the equitation ring.  Jumps open water, perfect flat work with a natural up hill movement, auto lead changes and a form over fences that is picture perfect at all times.

Perfect for an Amateur rider looking to win in class, he has a big heart and has been brought along by some of the best trainers in California. Recent vetting available, no vices. Actively competing, he will be available to be tried either at the Temecula horse show or in Laguna Hills.

For more information call or text at 951 3884155 or visit www.papillonsaleshorses.com Priced at $85k

Emilio Video
Emilio Video

Caramello (Sold)

Caramello is the definition of a schoolmaster with the biggest heart you could wish to give you all of the confidence in the world. With impeccable form, flawless lead changes and a flat work to dream for, he is light, very comfortable and as careful as you need him to be: Literally allergic to rails! USEF: (5548775) 13 years old this year. 16’2, big step and no jump is too big! He has competed on the biggest tracks in Europe on the International young rider circuit, bringing an up and coming 12 year old young lady to 1m40-1m45s. Since in America Caramel has taught a young lady to reach the 1m30s for the first times as well as packing an AA lady in the 1m10s-1m15s. He is ready for his next challenge and is truly a horse that every trainer will ever want in their barn!

  • Price $85k / Lease $55k

Rendez vous (Sold)

First let’s start by elaborating on how comfortable this big Hanoverian is. You want smooth, you have it. Thanks to his impeccable balance and his width you will be on cloud 9 when you test drive his canter. Call him a Rendez Vous with smoothness. As of the jump, well it just feels like an over achieved stride. So for all of the AA’s out there with back problems… here is the solution.

To follow, let’s talk about those looks, Chestnut with chrome, and round everywhere? … Yes please. He is conformation wise as pleasant as it gets. Personality wise, well let’s just say he will trot to the gate to greet you and charm you into giving him a cookie. Enjoy long hours of bonding and thrive on a one on one thing!

Now let’s discuss his Abilities and performances, currently schooling 3’3-3’6, heights don’t seem to be of any importance, the pace and jump will remain the same. He is the kind of horse you see a distance from miles away. Lead changes, you’ll never have to even think about it, he’ll have changed before you even notice you are on the wrong lead. As of his show record, he has shown throughout his life in the 3 feet with placings in almost each of his classes. USEF 5455874. He hasn’t been over used and will show great spontaneity in the show ring.

What does Renn want? This gentle boy will do best with a teen ager or a bold rider for now. He hasn’t reach the babysitter status yet and would rather someone to give him a bit of support, he won’t mind if you miss but don’t stress about it. He is sensitive to his rider’s emotion and is up for anything as long as you commit to it!

This being said we are competitively pricing Renn at $70k and aren’t in a hurry to find him his match. Owner’s priority is that he finds his mate and starts off a new life and shine in the A circuit. Stats: 17’1 , 9 years old, all X-rays on file. Located by Temecula CA at Papillon Sales Horses.

  • Price $70k

Conquistador (Leased)

Look at this Gem! You will not find a kinder soul out there! Add to that all the looks in the world and you have the perfect recipe for success.

With a show record in some big jumper classes as well as the equitation rings, he is a solid contender to make it to the big equitation rings. Conquistador USEF#5287783. 17h 2009 Holsteiner Gelding by Contendor-Liostro. Placed up to 1.35m in the jumpers and won the AA Equitation championship the first time he stepped in to the equitation ring! Big, beautiful and gentle horse with great ride ability and extremely comfortable to ride. Auto changes, soft mouth, uphill build, big step,… everything you need to build your confidence. HE IS A TRUE SCHOOLMASTER FOR ALL 3 RINGS. Available for lease only at $50k for the year to select barns. Call or text 9513884155 for more details.

  • Price $50k

Credence (Sold)

The wait is over!

Everyone has been asking about this new Spectacular Handsome Hunter ! Credence III, an 8 year old Imported Hanoverian with the looks of a stallion and the attitude of a Gelding! 16’2 1/2. Hack winner potential, amazing flat work, and solid to the fence. Big stride with easy changes. Balance for days, self carriage, he is very light and effortless to manage.  Credence had just started his show career when everything shut down, and is ready for this new start in a top show barn this Summer. Perfect candidate to be a children’s hunter and will excel in the 3′-3’3 divisions. No vices, impeccable vetting, he is ready to make someone very happy.

Priced in the hight 5 figures.