Dream Boat Big equitation gelding with a kind heart and all the handyness required to be a great partner in the USET as well.

Doesn’t require a savy rider, tolerates mistakes, and doesn’t require any tricks to prep or get going. Really a good egg who wants to do well, apply himself but won’t hold anything against you. Comfortable gaits and jump, auto lead changes, educated ride but complex. Carries himself nicely in just a snaffle if desired. Has done the 3’6-3’9 hunters, the USET, the 15-17 medals, you nam eit he has done it. Jumps the open water. And could even cross into the Derbies. Truly a great asset for someone looking for a long term partnership to go up the levels with and conquer the 3’6 rings. 11 years old this year, 16’2, USEF 5762446. Priced at $150k with a motivated owner. Located in Temecula.