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Champion for Volt

Champion for Volt is the perfect little jumper to bring a kid from the ponies. He’s a 16 year old 15’3 warmblood with tons miles and experience. He’s the ideal 1.0m+ horse. He has his own engine but not strong, bold and eager, perfect for a kid to turn and burn and win everything with. He has a snaffle mouth and great lead changes. He is available for lease to right home. He is located in Temecula Wine Country.


Comanchero is a proven real deal schoolmaster children/young rider super star! With a mile long show record with an ambitious young rider, Cherrio is ready to find a new partner and teach them the ropes once again! Impeccable manners both on the ground and under saddle, little to no prep, he is truly one every trainer will love having in the barn. To bring a kid from the 1.10s to the 1.30s, he is the best one could wish for. Low maintenance horse and drama free all around. Located in Orange County.


Elando is a fun and straight forward jumper with blood and a good mind to bring an Amateur or young rider to the 1.20s. Currently owned by an AA rider, he has proven himself to be a reliable partner in the show ring and a great teacher at home for someone who wants to learn on an elaborate horse who will handle technical tasks and apply himself. Located in Orange County.

Good Girl

Fantastic Children’s Jumper, Good Girl is classy, safe, handy and tons of miles! A true ribbon collector! She is the perfect horse for the 1.0-1.10s! Located in Orange County.


Beatle is just off a successful lease and is ready to meet his new kid or AA rider! After an international career in Europe’s biggest rings, he is now teaching the ropes to timid riders and excelling at the 1.0 – 1.10 job! He is available for lease for $45k to an approved home. Located in Temecula.


16.1 , 8yr old classy imported mare with the heart, scope & abilities! Ideal young rider horse to go and win! Imported as a 6yr old, she has show up to the 1.30s in America. She’s careful but needs a bit of work on the flat but is a lion over fences. Always has a good hard working attitude, a pleasure to work with on the ground the ability to be finished into a fine 1.30+ horse. Very modern style, perfect investment for someone looking to add value to her Motivated seller. Located in Temecula. USEF#5574300


Eskimo is a coming 9 year old gelding that is kind & fancy. Perfect Equ Jumper for the 3’3 – 3’6, best technique one would want. He’s 16.2 stocky build, push ride, intermediate rider and up. Show record in Europe in the jumpers. Soft and light feel in the mouth, comfortable to jump and a dream to handle. He has great work ethics and loves his one on one bond. This one is very special to us and we will be very picky on where he lands. He is a deserving horse with unlimited potential. Price to sell in the high 5’s. Located in Temecula


Just landed, big Equ horse in the making! After a successful career in the 1.20+ in Europe with a very amateaur rider, Damo has developed the best forgiving skills to bring up a young rider to the top. With a natural aptitude to go slow and pretty, he has all of the pieces needed and will end up being the real deal! Perfect opportunity to own a top horse for a reasonable price before he starts his career at Thermal. Damo is a 16.2 coming 9 year old with impeccable vetting with a lot of x-rays and ultrasounds to prove it! Priced to sell at $95k. Located in Temecula


After a successful career up to the 1m30s in Europe and teaching the ropes to a timid adult in the 1m20s, Irca is ready to get started in the American Show rings. She is the definition of what our young riders and trainers are looking for here: Uphill, light to the aids, not too much blood, automatic and hearty.The saying of “when you have a good mare, you have a the BEST horse” applies to her, no fuss just amazing work ethics. Quiet and kind on the ground, easy to handle, no prep needed at the show. She has all of the assets to be polished as a USET horse and the technique to make a


Just in, equ jumper gelding, 17hands, 11 years old Swedish Warmblood. Klint has been taken care of by a senior rider and is the definition of an equ jumper. Rideable, scopy, soft, auto everything and a big heart with no spook. Ideal ride for someone wanting to play in both rings, and even do some talent search. Show record in the 1m30s in Europe, perfect 3’6-1m15 horse. Priced to sell at $75, located Temecula wine country


Caligiuri is the definition of the American show jumper Freshly imported this Westphalian gelding has an Amazing expression, uphill, fancy, automatic lead changes and light all around. At 7 he has competed in the age classes in Europe up to 1m20 and has the scope to make a solid 125, 130 horse. That’s if you don’t explore his natural bailities for the equitation and the hunter rings, derby horse? Finish him your way, all options are at his reach. 16’1, impeccable american vetting with all new xrays on file. Ideal for a program who knows how to bring young european horses along as he is still too green to not be in a good program.


Markel Horse in the making! High Junior horse in the making? You name it, Caressimo has the biggest heart and all the abilities to make it to the top. Huge stride, tons of scope and a disposition for the sport. Light with blood added to an amazing snaffle mouth, he is the full package for an ambitious teen to conquer those big rings. Current clean record in the 1m45s, lots of miles in the 1m20s with an amateur, he is forgiving enough to teach, yet ready to get you moving fast. 16 hands, impeccable american vetting with 50+ xrays on file. Located in temecula. Price to sell at $125k.

Sold or Leased


Sold | Quorido is a 10 year old import that is the perfect school master for the 1m – 1.10m. He’s a push ride, honest & experienced. He has a lease or purchase option. Lease for $30k or Purchase for $50k. Located in Temecula, California.


Leased | Turtle is a 7 year old 11.3 small pony that any kid would love to have under their Christmas tree! He has his lead changes and excellent mannres. On the lazy side, but not boring. He’s forgiving, hearty and not spooky. Ready to step into the ring and get some miles. Has been used for little kids on a cattle ranch in Montana prior, so you guessed it. He is trained on the ground and zero funny business. Just needs to finish learning his new job over fences. Goes on a loopy rein, tolerates the kids and his patient as can be with no pony behaviors. Priced to sell at $25k or leased


Leased | Frido is everything everyone is looking for right now. At 14 he has an Amazing show record in all three rings, auto everything, forgiving, push ride, light, and fancy.15’2, ideal step up horse that every parent wishes to have for their kid. Will also take care of a timid AA rider looking to have fun in the 3′ adults. He is a jack of all trades, a loving one on the ground and has proven himself over and over, his show record speaks for itself. Available to be leased for $35k or sale $55k.

Flying Cornet

Sold | After a successful lease this summer, Flying cornet has now proven himself to be a great equitation jumper for an eager teen. Jumped the open water in the USET division, played over the spooky fences. With a show record up to 1m40, Fly has also porven himself to be a winner in the 1m30s with a great young rider last year, earning the division champion in his zone ! Fly is now ready t g back on lease and or settle into his for ever home. Ideal rider for him is an educated one, he is forgiving to the distance especially if you are his ride. Likes to be ridden with a leg


Danci is an 8 year old 16’3 Hanoverian Mare that was imported to play in the .90s & 1.0s After being started in the dressage ring, Danci is showing a promising future in the low children’s ring. Competitive, fun and pretty she has that ameature brain to be a step up horse. Clean changes, good vetting and a great age to hold her value when the rider is ready to step up. Priced at $45k.


Sold | Meet Ramzes, a proven multiple 3’3 equ winner that has demonstrated himself over and over through out his show career. Now ready to step down and teach someone the ropes in the 2’6-2’9. Ideal for someone looking for a turn key horse to get going right away. Priced at $25k he is a safe investment. Good home with guaranteed care for his retirement non optional. He deserves the best. 17 years old, 16’3. Ready to go with limited maintenance and prep. Located in Sacramento.

Pop Smoke

Sold | Pop Smoke aka Dutch is ready to prove himself in the hunter and equitation rings in the 3’3 and 3’6 divisions. Lots of scope and the best brain over spooky fences. Amateur ride to bring along, Dutch is comfortable on the flat and over fences and loves to take care of his riders. Push ride to boost a timid rider’s confidence. Very forgiving at the fence with a good sense of humor. 16’2 and 7 years old. Full vetting available on file. Available to be tried in Temecula CA this summer. Priced to sell at $85k


Sold Kind hearted 15 year old gelding that has proven himself up to 1m40 in America and South America. 16’2, round built, best lead changes one could ask for. Wants to be a hunter or equitation horse, just needs the miles to prove it. Available for lease in the mid 5 figures to approved barn.

C’est Indezz

Sold Indezz is truly the horse of a lifetime. Brought his junior rider from the 1.10 to the 1.45 Grand Prix. Won the Zone 10 1.35 jr/am team and individual championships. Rarely takes down rails and always jumps his heart out. His record speaks for itself with many top placings in competitive high junior classes. He is very low maintenance and confident taking an amateur to the highest levels of the sport. Soft mouth, nice temperament and easy to hack. 13 years old, still very competitive for the big tracks, the perfect addition for someone looking for a school master. 16’3, automatic, minimal prep and big heart. Priced to lease at $90k and for


Sold 11 year old with a heart of gold to bring a kid up the levels up to 1m25-1m30. 17 hands, simple and straight forward, has proven himself in America since imported on tracks up to 1m35. Perfect jumper to bring a kid up the levels, will take a joke, doesn’t hold it against his rider and keeps on going no matter what. Simple to handle on the ground with no vices, doesn’t require prep. Priced to sell at $85k , would lease for $50k to approved home.


Sold Talented, straight forward and experienced mare for the biggest hunter and equitation rings. Show record up to 3’6-3’9 with both pros and amateurs in both rings. Auto lead changes, non spooky, forgiving and brave. Just shy of 17 hands, beautiful type with lots of expression over fences. Soft jump even at 3’6, comfortable gates. The ideal ride to build someone’s confidence and bring them up the levels. Very recent PPE with all records on file. Priced to sell at $100k


Leased Lease, Lease Option, or Purchase. Just arrived February 2019, Grand Prix Gelding that can cross over into the equitation thanks to his fanciness. 16’2 hands and very uphill, Gigolo has lots of show miles all over Europe and a decent FEI record up to 1m50. He is ready to teach the ropes of show jumping to a young rider in the U25, Juniors or even the AA circuit. More of a push ride on the flat, gets going in the ring and gets very competitive. No stop or spook, he is a show machine. Excellent vetting, coming 13 this year, to approved show home. Priced to lease in the high mid 5 figures

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